Procurement fraud. Procurement fraud is any fraud relating to a company purchasing goods, services or commissioning construction projects from third parties. Fraud can happen when the tender process has not been followed so that fraud can be committed, or when there is bid rigging.

Government procurement fraud can occur any time the government enters into a contract with a private entity. Whether the contract calls for the supply of weaponry, food, office supplies or computers, fraudulent procurement is just as likely to take place. The following forms of government procurement fraud are the most typical:

  • Bid-rigging, bribery or kickbacks to secure contracts
  • Falsifying information to deceive the government into entering a contract
  • Price-fixing
  • Overcharging for goods, services or labor
  • Providing unapproved, substitute and/or substandard parts
  • Failing to fulfill all contractual obligations while receiving full payment
  • Fraudulent billing
  • Misstatement of cost of material, supplies or labor

If you feel like you are witness to fraud regarding procurement for the Government of Guam, you can report your findings anonymously below.

There are laws in place to protect whistle-blowers that report fraud.

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