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  • Worst Service EVER!

    Get rid of it and buy an oce printer. xerox service sucks and i doubt anyone from xerox would ever help you unless there is a sale in it for them

  • Absolute Garbage

    The printer drivers are almost unobtainable, the packaged documentation has been written by someone who has English as a third language. The driver download procedure is unintelligible as is the whole Fuji Xerox site. The product is third rate and the company l most impossible to deal with. I am lucky I bought it through a large third party dealer… Continue reading "Absolute Garbage"

  • Horrible Support

    I purchased this printer 2 years ago and other than the original toner cartridges that came with the printer I have always used generic toner cartridges because of the costs difference. The quality of the print is no different in my view and has done the job for me in this time. 2 weeks ago my printer stopped working with… Continue reading "Horrible Support"

  • Terrible

    Absolutely terrible, not recommended, do not buy! Can’t scan, had IT people look at it, still can’t scan. Prints ok, copies ok, but really needed the scan. Fuji hopeless, no support! I’ll be asking for a refund and will buy something else, spent 6 weeks trying to get it sorted…not happy!!

  • Always an Error

    Had a error message where the Cyan print cartridge wasn’t recognized ………….. tried 3 new cartridges at obvious expense in time and money. As a result the printer has been inoperative for several weeks. A piece of junk …. destined for the tip. Very very frustrated. Don’t go near this printer.

  • The Most Problematic Printer I’ve Ever Had

    Constantly encounter printing error, without telling you what the problem is. Always I have to self-diagnose by shutting down the computer, the router or the printer itself, which is very frustrating when you are in a hurry. I am now stuck with this expensive printer, regretted choosing it over other similar but much better printers.

  • Worst Scanner Ever!

    Prints only NOTHING else works. Ridiculously expensive refills. When they/re empty or you have any other problem you are better off buying something else. ANYTHING OTHER THAN A FUJI XEROX ! Super large & HEAVY > 30Kg. A VERY Very expensive piece of ewaste. Do yourself a favor avoid Fuji Xerox. Ooooh! & I wouldn’t be quick to trust the… Continue reading "Worst Scanner Ever!"

  • Louis M.

    This machine is difficult to set up and absolutely will not AirPrint from wireless devices. If that’s important to you, steer clear of this one. You can download apps and use complicated work arounds to print some things, but it’s very disappointing considering a 100.00 HP can do this easily. Xerox has a few printers with “connect key” that can… Continue reading "Louis M."

  • AV L.

    This has not worked since its purchase and xerox service has absolutely been horrible